Mercury ТА-001

Mercury ТА-001 Mercury ТА-001 Mercury ТА-001
Product code: Mercury ТА-001


Mercury TA-001 tachograph is designed to be installed on the wheeled vehicles of the М2, М3, N2 & N3 categories that are used for commercial transportation of passengers and dangerous cargoes, in order to constantly control vehicle travel speed and distance covered by a vehicle.

Mercury TA-001 is certified to comply with Safety Regulations for Wheeled Vehicles and to be mounted on vehicles for dangerous cargo transportation.


  • Digital device with GLONASS/ GPS navigation system and GSM modem, for integration into a smart system. No other GLONASS unit is required.
  • Tracking location and driving status of a vehicle.
  • Real-time communication of data to dispatching centre or transport company.
  • High printout speed, easy roll replacement, eco printing.
  • Readouts via GPRS, no need to go to the head office.
  • Safety and security of passengers and cargoes. Any deviations from normal are reflected in real time. Fast response in case of accidents and breakdowns.
  • Theft prevention.
  • Optional alert button for emergencies. Wired/wireless speakerphone or hands-free calls for drivers, messages, pre-programmed contact lists, dial-back function.
  • High bit rate for a quick transfer of 12-month data from tachograph to a storage device (USB stick).
  • Simultaneous multi-unit control of driving parameters: speed sensor, GLONASS/GPS navigation system, 3D acceleration sensor (triaxial accelerometer). Impossible to tamper with speed- and distance-related data;
  • RS-485, RS-232, CAN bus, analog/digital interfaces for additional gauges (fuel, temperature, etc.). No external modules.
  • Fuel consumption control for theft detection and prevention. According to experts, fuel consumption can be reduced by 20-40% by using GLONASS tachographs.
  • Higher job performance through reduction of unauthrorised trips. No more personal trips at the employer's expense.
  • Better image and quality of services through optimisation of routes and timetables.
  • Displaying and printing of vehicle-related data: speed, distance travelled, driving status (DRIVING/WORK, REST/BREAK), events and faults, etc.
  • Anti-tampered recording of data into the DET for true and legally valid evidence that can be provided to insurance companies and courts.
  • GPRS modem can be programmed using either a workshop card or a company card. No need to contact a workshop for re-programming.


  • Large robust graphic display with a user-friendly interface, adjustable brightness, contrast ratio and viewing angle. Automatic backlight adjustment to the light from the dashboard.
  • Protection from unconscientious controllers. Tachograph data is impartial and legally valid; it can be used in disputable cases on the road, for insurance companies, in accidents, etc.
  • Notifications about continuous driving time running out, driving continuously without taking a break/ rest, and overspeeding.
  • Voice communication with dispatching centre, incoming texts, sending alerts.
  • Work within legal framework.


  • Wider range of operating current, 8 to 35 V.
  • Compatible with various speed sensors (pulse, digital, sine wave, three-phase, encryption, ABS, etc.)
  • Installation without a speed sensor already installed on a vehicle.
  • Calibration and settings without programming unit or PC. Manual entry of parameters from a standard keyboard or USB stick.
  • Qualified technical support. Free unlimited training at the factory.
Travelled distance range, km 0-9 999 999.9
Distance resolution, km 0.1
Speed range, km/h 0-220
Number of days for registration and storage of drivers’ activities 365
Display Graphic LCD, 128х64 pixels, backlight
Thermal paper width/ roll diameter, mm 57.5/30
Printout speed, mm/s 80
Supply voltage, V 8-40
Consumption ≤15W
Navigation GLONASS/GPS
Interfaces USB, Bluetooth, GPRS
Data encryption tools (DET) Built-in navigation and encryption module (NEM)
Operating conditions:
- ambient temperature, °С -40 to +85
- relative humidity at 40°С (±2), % 95±3
- vibration with 10 mm amplitude at frequency, Hz 11
Guaranteed printer operation, °С -20 to +85
Guaranteed display operation, °С -20 to +85
Dimensions, mm 210х190х65
Weight, kg 0.7

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